TN-Ready Volunteers We Need You !

April 1, 2019

If you can volunteer to help proctor TN-READY on any of the following dates, please contact the office at 905-5729 and let us know! The times are listed below. You will be sent confirmation letters for times and dates after Spring Break! You must be 21 years old and complete the test security training to proctor for our tests. Security trainings will begin each morning of testing at 8:20. Thank you so much for your support and help!
April 9, 2019- 8:20-11:00
April 11, 2019-8:20-10:45
April 15, 2019-8:20-10:45
April 16, 2019-8:20-10:15
April 17, 2019-8:20- 10:15
April 18, 2019-8:20- 10:45