October 3, 2019

What you can win !!!!!


Friday, 9/27 — Pep Rally Day  — Announce Principal/School-Wide Challenge at Pep Rally + LOG ON Challenge.

Monday 9/30 — Team Day 1 — Student Star Video ChallengeGeneral encouragement to students to create their Student Star Video on FUNRUN.COM.

Tuesday 10/1 — Team Day 2 — Mystery Prize ChallengeTop Class in new pledges tonight earns the Mystery Prize (provided by Booster) for each student in that class! 

Wednesday 10/2 — Team Day 3 — Shoes Off ChallengeTop class in new pledges tonight earns a SHOES OFF day tomorrow! 

Thursday 10/3 —Team Day 4 — Pledges for PJsAny student who gets a new pledge of ANY amount gets to wear PJs to school tomorrow! Honor system. 

Friday 10/4 — Team Day 5 — Weekend ChallengeAny student who earns a NEW $2 per lap in pledges over the weekend earns the BONUS prize! Check out FUNRUN.COM for more details!  

Monday 10/7 — Team Day 6 — HW Pass ChallengeTop class in new pledges tonight earns a HW Pass! 

Tuesday 10/8 — Team Day 7 — Extra Recess ChallengeTop class in new pledges tonight earns Extra Recess! 

Wednesday 10/9 — Team Day 8 — Jet Tennis Set Raffle Any student with a new pledge tonight is entered into a raffle (OR… is eligible) for the Jet Tennis Set! One lucky winner is selected the following morning!

Thursday 10/10 — Team Day 9 — Last Night for PledgesEncouragement to students to get 1 more pledge to help us reach our goal! 

Friday 10/11 — Fun Run Day! — Bonus Night for PledgingAnnounce to students that BONUS pledging is still open until tomorrow/over the weekend/for the rest of the week! Pledging officially closes at 7:00 AM on the Thursday after the Fun Run.