August 2019 News

August 23rd, 2019

It would be so helpful if …………………

Parents/Guardians It would be greatly appreciate if anything you send in with your child if you would please put your students full name, teachers name and what it is for ex. put money in an envelope with their name, teachers name, how much, what it is for, ex lunch with lunch number.  If it is for something else write what ever it is for on the envelope. If you are sending in Dr. notes/parent notes please put students full name and teacher on it.


Thank  you very much

August 20th, 2019

We are back in full swing !

We have had our first full week of school and now all the kindergartners and PreK’s have started. There are teachers teaching and students learning. A few of our kindergartners are still a little uncertain, but each day gets better. They have a lot to learn these first few days such as bus numbers, teacher’s names, new friend’s name. where their classes are located and this is all before they start learning for the day.   I promise they WILL get through it all – it happens every year.  Please remember to check backpacks every day. There will be a lot of papers being sent home right now that need to be completed and returned to school. Thank you for keeping up with the paper work, it can be a lot at first. We enjoy having your student(s) here everyday.